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The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is provided as an extension of the US Department of State foreign policy for international culture understanding. District 7620 and the Rotary Club of Leonardtown is sanctioned to receive (host) and send (sponsor) students in this program. There are options under the exchange program.


1)Short Term Exchange Program (STEP). 


This program supports an exchange of two students (one in each country) going to the each other’s home for 3 to 6 weeks (each location). This is typically done during the times when school is out – and may not be simultaneous.

- The student will apply. If accepted, will be paired with the country contact for where they wish to go. Once it is determined that there is a student in that country wanting to come here, the exchange is arranged. There are many more details. If interested…go to the following web links to find the answers.




Some of the data on the web site may differ as information is updated.


2) Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP).


This program is for a High School exchange overseas from August through June. Students from age 15 to 18.5 are eligible (*some countries may not take students who are over 17 when first arriving or are graduates). Families whose students go abroad are not obligated to host and inbound student.

- Students apply in October, at their local Rotary Club, are interviewed in October and in November. If selected, will complete their applications and be notified in January what country they will be going to. The student are able to choose their first 3 choices where they wish to go. No country choice is guaranteed but most get their top 1st or 2nd choice. We participate with over 35 countries. There are many more details. If interested…go to the following web links to find the answers, application, country options etc...





3) New Generation Exchange (NGE). 


This is a relatively new program and needs to be worked out between countries on a case by case basis. It purpose is for persons between 18 and 25 to be able to go abroad to support a specific mission, task or project in conjunction with a Rotary Club in the foreign country. This exchange is generally initiated by the Rotary Clubs and then individuals are sought out. Prospective interested persons may inquire about existing programs in the event there is one that is already in progress. Application process is unique to each country/project. Please contact the YEP Chair for more details. Currently the Rotary Club of Leonardtown is not sponsoring any New Generation Exchange.



Youth Exchange Contact:

Contact the Club Youth Exchange Chairman for more information.



Chris Perlick  



Youth Exchange Program

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